World’s most valuable apparel brands- Nike, Gucci top again, ASOS and Boohoo are buoyant

But the new report said the brand’s value has fallen by 13% to $30.4 billion, underlining how different the last year has been to every other year and how the pandemic means brands can still top the ranking even with double-digit value declines. Nike’s sales took a hit last year due to enforced store closures but it “saw an impressive untick in online sales”.Brand Finance uses various m…

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Halle Berry and Ex Olivier Martinez Officially Finalize Divorce After Nearly 8-Year Legal Battle

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Finalize Divorce

Cat's out of the bag on Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez finalizing their divorce. 

Though the former couple first filed for divorce back in October 2015, after three years of marriage, the proceedings had been held up over the years over the custody of their now 9-year-old son Maceo…

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